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headcanon in which christine is pretty good at drawing, and sketches pictures of erik’s face for people so they won’t be frightened when they see him for the first time.

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baby Raoul whose father has hated him all his life because he blames Raoul for the death of his wife. baby Raoul not understanding why his father is so distant until one day comte de chagny snaps and screams at Raoul that he killed his mother. Philippe comes home and finds Raoul crying and shaking in a kitchen cabinet and get so angry at his father that he nearly punches him in the face.


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Would it be easier to drown someone with no outer nose
I have so many nose questions now

Ughhhh why you had to ask now it won’t stop bugging me until I do a full research

there must be something keeping the flood of water back or else how does he do the siren trick

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headcanon that Christine and Raoul are both naive and awkward babies when it comes to sexy times and when they take off each other's clothes they're really immature and start laughing


they just start making bad puns and they dissolve into laughter

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I like the really intricate designs from the movies and musical, but sometimes I think about if the Red Death costume would be able to have as strong of impact if it was sleeker, simpler, and more modern?